8 Important Reasons to Have an Online Presence for Small Business Owners.

You will agree with me that having an online presence for business requires more than having a cool logo placed on an awesome website  containing your business contact details. It is no longer enough as the online space and behavior is always changing. 
The above situation would have worked fine in the last decade but definitely not today, why? This because to have an online presence today means your website is up and running while creating a point of business where users can find helpful information on your website, also your audience would be able to find you both on local maps and on social media to find out more information about your business especially if you are a small business.
Here are 6 important reasons to have an online presence especially for small business owners.

1. It’s a Digital Era

a workstation with two screens

a workstation with two screens

Looking around you now will surely remind you that we are in the digital age where information is more expensive than a meal. This digital dominance makes information readily available to users which helps them in taking decisions especially to buy a product or service. Users go online to check out brands’ products or services, so if your small business is yet to have a website, local listing, social media pages, etc. You are definitely leaving a lot of money on the table and guess what? Your competitors won’t.

2. 24 Hour Availability

Unlike traditional marketing, having an online presence will give you 24/7 availability. Your social media pages have a 100% uptime and so should your website, this means your online store can still make sales even when you are asleep or out of town. This is a huge advantage especially for small businesses that sell digital products and services. You have to always be present online to respond to reviews, questions and interact with your customers who don’t have to wait for business hours.

3. Brand Building

google map on a mobile phone

Building a strong brand presence online is easier to achieve as this allows you to build your brand authority and credibility which you need to attract more customers. An online presence gives your prospects an easy way to find out all they need to know about your brand.

4. Positive Image

thank you for shopping with us

thank you for shopping with us

Frequent interaction with your customers online and getting feedback from them through online reviews (including the negative ones because other people will want to know how to address it) regular posting of content be it social media posts or website articles will create a positive image for your brand. Such scenarios are very likely to get prospects doing business with your brand and even recommend your business to others. This is maintaining a positive online image.

5. Larger Audience



The internet provides a larger audience beyond the people in your locality, this gives your brand the chance to go beyond boundaries (depending on what you sell). Having an online presence exposes your brand to even more opportunities. There are over 2 billion Facebook users globally and the same with YouTube with about 1.8 billion users, so advertising to such a massive audience is a sure way of growing your revenue.

6. Positive Reviews


Reviews do not always come in positive forms for any brand because there are always different people with different expectations and so on. The focus of any brand is to minimize the number of negative reviews by improving on their products, services, and customer service.

The brand product or service may be great but the customer service may be poor and this could earn you a one-star rating. 

It is important to ask for reviews from earn customers as this forms not only social proof but also makes search engines recognize the popularity of your brand. 

Customers often use reviews to make their purchasing decisions and it’s important to prioritize quality customer service.

7. Effective Marketing

laptop showing analytics

laptop showing analytics

A well-optimized social media profile, a comprehensive website that has enough helpful information with details of your brand and what it does will help you close more sales with little effort unlike the conventional businesses with no online presence.

It is always cost-effective to advertise to online users whether paid or organically. 

8. Accessibility

man inputing credit card details on a laptop

Man making an online purchase.

It is important that both small businesses maximize the benefits of having a strong online presence. A business without an online presence may be regarded as non-existent in this digital world and will definitely struggle to meet up.

Conclusively, A social media network can ban your page or shut it down for reasons best known to them and you can only appeal, but your website is always 100% under your control.

A social media network can ban your page or shut it down for reasons best known to them and you can only appeal, but your website is always 100% under your control.

What other reasons made you take your brand online and which channels are you using at the moment as a small business? Some small businesses are only using their social media pages which goes a long way but like I always say, a website is a digital infrastructure that has your brand’s digital footprints which is important in the long run.

That’s all for now, drop a comment below and see you in the next post.

Hilary Onyejekwe


Hey, I am a digital marketing expert with a specialty in SEO. I blog about how small businesses can leverage the internet and stand out without a huge budget. Did I mention I started Hilarium DIgital, where our customers are benefiting from our unique approach of positioning them online?